Philip's Focus: WEEK OF OCTOBER 16 2022

Thankful for Our Laity
Laity Sunday is this weekend October 16, 2022. We celebrate the ministry of laity on this special day at our four worship services. This will be our first Laity Sunday since before Covid. We are thrilled to resume the tradition of Laity Sunday in 2022.
On Laity Sunday, we flip roles but not the message of lay ministry! Make no mistake about it! Laity weekend happens once a year but lay ministry is indispensable 52 weeks a year! Most of the time pastors are upfront in worship and our laity is in roles that may not be as visible. Laity Sunday is a time to raise awareness of the ministry of the laity.
This will be the first Laity Sunday coordinated by our new Lay Leader, Kyle Wilson. Earlier this year, I recommended Kyle to our Committee on Nominations to be our new Lay Leader. Kyle is not only young and enthusiastic but is also committed to Christ through Shalimar UMC. He has organized an incredible Laity Sunday with the help of our worship staff.
Kyle has also planned so the pastors will be off and not doing their normal duties. Laity will bring the messages, lead the prayers, and lead worship. Kyle's extra planning, so we can be off, is very much appreciated.
In our United Methodist tradition, the laity is essential for a vibrant ministry in the local church. Laity includes everyone in the congregation who are not clergy. We have four clergy persons on our staff. This means well over 99% of our congregation are laity.
On this Sunday, we not only raise the visibility of lay ministry but also marvel at the gifts and talents God has blessed us with throughout our congregation. We are so blessed to have a laity who serve tirelessly and freely offer their gifts. The overall atmosphere of the church is created by the excitement and encouragement of the laity! We are so blessed by the army of the laity that serves Jesus Christ through Shalimar United Methodist!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To all who give, use their gifts, and enthusiastically serve the Lord through Shalimar! You are the reason our church is so vibrant and a spiritual center for our community! Our pastors are very blessed to partner with you! On this Laity Sunday, I want you to know I am so grateful for you and want to thank you for the difference you are making for Jesus Christ!



Abigail Denney

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