Stephen Ministry

Christ caring for people through people

What is Stephen Ministry?

It is a one-to-one lay, caring ministry that helps people get through difficult times or crises.  We pray over assignments and consider life experiences. There is NO charge.  Stephen Ministers are not counselors but people caring confidentially in the name of Jesus.  Here at Shalimar, we have had trained Stephen Ministers, helping our congregation for 25 years.      

Pandemic Fatigue

COVID-19 continues to wear on many, causing pandemic fatigue–mental and emotional exhaustion that comes with the stresses and challenges of COVID. More and more people feel the ongoing effects and need care. Shalimar UMC's Stephen Ministers can help by providing care, compassion, community, and a listening ear. If you need someone to talk to or to journey with you, fill out the form below to contact our Stephen Ministry leaders. They will prayerfully match you with a trained Stephen Minister to help you during this time.
If you would like to have someone walk alongside you to help bring HOPE, and HEALING, contact one of our pastors for referral or contact one of our Stephen Leaders Sara Michaelson - 850-865-3343

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