Blue Lake Celebration

You might remember, back in November, we shared with you a project that we as a church helped lead in support of Blue Lake Camp. Many from our worship team, and other churches around, recorded a night of worship, which we broadcast two weeks later. Some of those songs were used for our 21 days of prayer these past weeks as well. We want to invite you to celebrate with us: Blue Lake has reached their fundraising goal, continuing its ministry for 2021! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. You can still watch this service at and continue to support the camp where many of us have received spiritual transformation.

Ash Wednesday

We ask that you save the date for Ash Wednesday, February 17th this year. We are currently working on all the details for how the services will look. We intend to hold Ash Wednesday services and make it impactful for those in the room and online. We are also finding creative ways to impose ashes while being COVID sensitive. We will have more details as we have them.


We would love it if you register your attendance with us. You can fill out the webform by clicking the button below.