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Ep. 56 - 365 Catering, Chef Heyward McKenzie, and Holy Spirit Moving

Sep 21, 2023    John Kelsoe, Chris Bennet, Heyward McKenzie

Chef Heyward McKenzie of 365 Catering entered Studio 1F in the "Other" Upper Room to talk about Jesus, food, and community. John Kelsoe was briefly on to speak on his new sermon series starting October 1st called "Made for this." Chris Bennett climbed the stairs for the podcast and we talked about the Holy Spirit moving here at Shalimar UMC.

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Host Ben Savage - @savagenole

Host John Kelsoe - @JohnKelsoe12

Personality - Chris Bennet - @steelcitychris22

Producer - Chris Day - @chrisday79

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