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Ep. 27 - Volunteerism, Podcast Producer Chris Day, and Introducing: VR360 Altar Cam

Feb 2, 2023    Brad Bradford, Chris Day

Sub Sales, FREE Youth Valentine Banquet Dinner (11th), FREE Grand Valentines Night (14th), Ash Wednesday is coming, Parable of the Lost Sheep, Launching VR360 Altar Cam, Getting to know Chris Day as our new producer, Jeremey Theiss lets us know how they bless sneezers in Australia, Rev. Dr. Brad Bradford defends Laity vs. Clergy title, Matt is in Cuba... oh, and Happy 40th Birthday Chris Bennett! Ep 27 is in the books!

Rev. Matt Langford - @sway_on_tap

Ben Savage - @savagenole

Chris Day - @chrisday79

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