Young Adults

Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.   –1 Timothy 4:12

Whatever you're doing as you start your adult life, God wants to be a part of it. Whether it's going to school, working, or joining the military, #Adulting can be challenging. Make the transition to a young professional a little easier by joining other like-minded young persons and journey together.

Meet Matt

Matt, and his wife, Anne Claire, are from Greenville, AL. In 2017, he earned his bachelor from Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!) and in 2020, his Masters from Candler School of Theology. Matt's so excited to be living at the beach. He loves to play music (drums, guitar, and piano), play tennis and golf, and plans to add paddleboarding to his list of activities soon.


These groups meet weekly for prayer, discussion, accountability, and community. The goal is to help create community and foster discipleship. Check out the calendar below for details on where each group meets, how to contact the leader, and more.

Sunday's @ 7:00pm

If you're in school or training for your job, this is the group for you. Working toward your life goals is exciting. Join with others like you and grow spiritually as you see your dreams come true.

Monday's @ 7:00pm

If you're in the world, working, this is the place for you. We know each person's life journey is unique. Advancing your career is a life journey. Join with others your age and grow together.

Wednesday's @ 7:00pm

Whether you're just starting your life together, you've just had your first child, or you've been together since High School, join with other young couples. Make your spiritual bond the foundation of your family bond.

Thursday's @ 7:00pm

This group is for Young Adults who are transiting from high school to their next stage. Whether you're going to college, tech school, or a career, join with others in the same life stage.

Mothers of Preschoolers - MOPS

MOPS is a national, Christian organization that "connects women of all ages and stages of mothering to help them become more brave, kind and honest, one gathering at a time."

To join our MOPS group, you have to pay national dues, and some local ones as well. The national dues are a requirement, and the local ones help with supplies and stuff. We can offer scholarships if needed. To join us national and  use the code

Use the code TZ6H

Contact Matt

Have questions? Pastor Matt can answer them for you. If you're ready to sign up for a group, you can do that in this form as well.