Philip's Focus: The Great 50 Days

As our church continues to move forward into 2022 with new energy, I am happy to announce some great news! We are joining with other United Methodist Churches in our area with a common goal to reach 50 new members between Easter and Pentecost (April 17-June 5). It just so happens these 50 days are known as the FIFTY GREAT DAYS!

In this goal, we will join other UMC churches in the Alabama-West Florida Conference to cast a net to be fishers of people. If every church makes a significant impact, who knows? Maybe we will reach Pentecost-type numbers by the thousands. Quite frankly, churches need a “jump-start” following the years of Covid. In this goal of 50 new members in 50 days, obviously, we will need your help.

You can help in reaching this goal in several ways:
  1. First, if anyone is interested in professing their faith in Jesus, we would love for you to plan to join the church. Maybe you have been thinking about “how do I join the church?” This is a great time. If you have never been baptized, we would also love to plan your baptism. If you are ready to join, we are ready to receive you! Please let one of the pastors know if you would like to join.

  2. Second, the 50 great days is a great time to invite people to worship. This invitation can be given to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances. Everyone knows someone who they can extend a personal invitation to worship. These personal invitations work better than any other method. If we are to have 50 persons join in the Great 50 Days, all of us will need to extend invitations.

The receiving of 50 new members in the Great 50 Days is not possible how we currently do things. We will only be able to accomplish this with the help of the Lord. This Sunday, we will preach about how the Lord envisions the church as bearing fruit. As we have a goal of 50 new members in 50 days, we are stepping out with what only the Lord can do!  

Will you begin to pray about how you can help with 50 new members in 50 days? Let’s see what a difference we can make in reaching new persons for Jesus!


Philip McVay

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