Save the Dates…A Month of Special Sundays

In the coming four weeks, we will have special Sundays one after the other. As we move deeper into Lent, this means special worship is rising on the horizon. You will want to be present in-person or on Livestream this next month! What is just ahead?
I am turning the preaching over to our younger pastors this week. This week (March 21), Matt will have the fifth in our series of disciple messages on SIMPLE at our 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 worship services. The focus will be on LOVE. At 11:07, David will preach, and I will preside over the receiving of the confirmation class. After a long Covid year, what a joy it will be to baptize and receive young people into the church. As we anticipate in the coming months, a post-Covid season, I am praying Sunday will be the beginning of many baptisms, reaffirmation of baptisms, and joining the church. Perhaps by the end of the year, the pastor's hands will remain wet from all the baptisms! I sure hope so!
There is something very special coming for our children! Easter Fest is Saturday, March 27, before Palm Sunday. We look forward to the sights and sounds of children on the Church grounds for all the festivities. The good news is there is still time for you to volunteer to help make this a great day for children and our church family. You can find more details about Easter Fest in the Beacon.
The following Sunday, March 28, will be Palm Sunday. Our Chancel Choir and Orchestra will present the musical "May We Never Lose the Wonder" at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00. Matt will preach on Exponential at our 11:07 worship. Palm Sunday will also usher in Holy Week. We will have both Maundy Thursday and Good Friday worship services at 7pm in the Family Life Center.
The following Sunday, April 4, will be Easter Sunday! It will be great to sing the Halleluiah Chorus at the conclusion of worship this year! The good news of the risen Christ will be presented with both eagerness and anticipation like never before! Remember last Easter? We did not have "in-person" last Easter! What a joy it will be to celebrate Easter both in-person and on Livestream!
What about the Sunday after Easter, April 11? This year, we are coming through the longest, most grueling, and disruptive Covid-19 Year. As a result, you can expect the Sunday after Easter to be high on inspiration and hope! What will this year's "Unforgettable Message" after Easter look and feel like? The plans will be kept close to my vest, as I want to maintain an element of surprise. I will give you two clues. First, others will be involved in our worship and message! Finally, to provide you with a bonus clue, the message will be extremely relevant to today's issues and inspirational!
As you can see, we have a month of special Sundays (March 21-April 11)! I hope you will invite others to join us in-person and on Livestream. I look forward to sharing with you the "good news" of Jesus in the coming weeks! Shalimar United Methodist Church is a great church to be at! Save the dates! Better yet, invite someone to worship with you!


Philip McVay

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