Good News Around Shalimar UMC!

As I alluded to on Christmas Eve, with the help of my wife Karen, we are all wanting good news. In fact, there has been way too much bad news in the past year. People have “bad news fatigue.” So, in this week’s article, I would like to give you some good news. Here are ten new and positive things that have caught my eye in the New Year.

  • We have hired a new Respite Director Leigh Rice. If you have not heard, Joyful Place plans to open in 2022. This new ministry will be in Cross Corner. Joyful Place will offer the care of the church to both the church and the community. This ministry will be for those with dementia and offer respite for their families. We are grateful to General Don Litke and his operations team for making this new ministry possible!

  • We have new lights in the Family Life Center! The new upgraded lighting system will enhance both worship and special programs.

  • A large new mural of Jesus and his disciples in a boat is being painted in the Family Life Center hallway. Thank you, Sidney Moore, one of our young students in our congregation.

  • We now have a new comfort station in the Narthex of the Sanctuary. Woo Hoo! This restroom comes after 46 years of waiting. We are grateful for an anonymous donor in making this long-time need a reality.

  • When we began 2021, an amount to fund the overall ministry of Shalimar UMC was identified. As books were closed for 2021, it was apparent that God provided and exceeded the ministry amount identified one year ago. Is this not phenomenal, considering all we have been through in the last two years!

  • We begin the year 2022 with more resources pledged than 2021. The amount pledged is the second most in Shalimar UMC history. Remarkable considering all everyone has been through. Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity!  

  • Recent Cross Corner renovations include a makeover of one large classroom and two large restrooms. These renovations come through tireless work and the boundless energy of volunteers. The funding has also been provided.

  • A new Congregational Care restructure involves making up at least ten existing and new teams. This important priority is restructuring, adding to, revamping, enlisting new people for 11 existing and new teams. This restructure is long over-due and has an opportunity to ramp up our congregation.

  • Printed worship guides are back and available on Sunday morning.  

  • A great daily 40-day discipleship plan, Follow Me, is being prepared to roll out for Wednesday, March 2.

As we continue to move into the New Year 2022, let us notice the good things God is doing around us! The good signs are abundant. The good news of Jesus creates a climate where good and positive things happen. See you Sunday as we share in the Good News of Jesus once again!  


Philip McVay

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