Around Shalimar, Things to Know, and Having Some Fun

This week I have chosen to write some short snippets of what is going on around Shalimar UMC. In this article/blog, I will list some things you may or may not know. If you know the answers to all the questions, I will have a prize for you! I also have an informal poll at the end on which Associate Pastor looks the youngest.

  • Deb Steele is retiring soon. Her last day will be May 21, 2021. I invite our congregation to show appreciation for Deb’s dedicated work for Shalimar UMC. Please make out checks to Shalimar UMC and on the memo note “Deb Steele Appreciation.” On many Sunday mornings, Deb is the first to greet me around 6am. She has been amazingly productive and will be difficult to replace. Thank you, Deb! I will say more in a future Beacon.
    Do you know how many years Deb has been with us?  

  • Many of you may not know, but history will be made next month. Shalimar UMC will turn 70 years old.
    Do you know the actual date of the first service?
    Where was the first service held?

  • We are blessed and grateful for great leadership from our Finance Committee and Finance Staff Members. Did you know that our Finance Ministry committee and staff have reduced our overall church indebtedness by 29% during a world pandemic? Our Haverty’s property debt, since January of 2020, has been reduced from $1,163,197 to $893,686? We are grateful the church has been able to make additional principal payments over the last six months. Also, under the finance committee leadership, a pay-back plan for the internal church loan for the purchase of Cross Corner has been implemented. The internal loan began at $372,000 and is now $191,551. We now project in three or four years, Shalimar UMC could be debt-free. Who knows, maybe sooner!
    Do you remember the original purchase price for Cross Corner?    

  • JUST FOR FUN: three current pastors came to Shalimar UMC for their first full-time ministry position after seminary. (Note: Rev. Faith Parry was in her second appointment when coming to Shalimar, and Dr. Brad Bradford had served numerous appointments before Shalimar.)
    Of these three, which one came to Shalimar UMC the youngest?  
    Which one looks the youngest?
    Who has the most hair?
    The most handsome?
Remember you have to have the right answers to get the prize!
Thanks for being a church that is making a difference for Jesus! How exciting it is to see faces we have not seen in a year each Sunday! Look forward to sharing with you another GO message this week!


Philip McVay

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