Special Edition of the NewsCONNECTION: UMC Q & A

Pastor Philip wanted to share with the church body this Special Edition of the NewsCONNECTION: UMC Q&A with Bishop Graves for the good of the church.

Bishop David Graves and Mary Catherine Phillips recently gathered to discuss several important topics related to the UMC. We strongly encourage you to watch this video and reach out to your pastor, district superintendent or conference staff to further discuss this information. This video was shown at multiple district meetings last week and is now available for laity and friends of the Alabama-West Florida Conference.

The topics discussed include:
-The postponement of General Conference
-Disaffiliations and the Book of Discipline
-Disaffiliations and the conference
-Special-called annual conferences
-The launch of the GMC
-UMC doctrine
-Pensions and liabilities
-Living by our discipline
-Impact on rural and county seat churches
-Why leave now?
-The future of the Alabama-West Florida Conference
-The Episcopal Fund
-Leadership in this conference
-New UMC possibilities
-Exciting things happening in the conference.

Click here for video. Click here for pdf transcript. 

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