The “SHIPS” of the Church

A few weeks ago, I learned from our Mayor, Mark Franks, the name Shalimar means “By the beautiful water.” That means our church name could mean “Church by the beautiful water.” Some of the sights and sounds on the beautiful water are the presence of boats and ships. When I think of SHIPS, I feel how appropriate it is for the Church. After all, there are many SHIPS of the Church!

There is FELLOW-SHIP! Our being together means more now than it ever did following our year of the pandemic. There is something very special about being together as a church family. You will want to know we are planning a church-wide “Dinner on the Grounds” on May 23rd. The event to WELCOME EVERYONE BACK will be catered, free, and open to all who want to come!

There is DISCIPLE-SHIP! A disciple follows, learns, and imitates becoming more like Jesus. Making disciples is at the heart of the mission we exist as a church. Jesus challenges us to go into the world and make disciples of all nations. This SHIP of the Church is our mission.

There is STEWARD-SHIP! Everyone is invited to offer the Lord their tithe, gifts, and service for growing the Kingdom! We all participate in the greater mission of the Church through our stewardship!
There are RELATION-SHIPS! The Church is a people in which we make friends and form relationships. Some of us even met our spouses at Church! We also make life-long friends! The Church provides the opportunity to form relationships!

There is LEADER-SHIP! Every Church is served well by leaders who lead the congregation to follow God’s direction. We are blessed at Shalimar with leaders! A church can make the most of its opportunities through growing disciples and raising leaders!

Dr. George Morris shared in my evangelism class that the Church is many ships and not just one large vessel. That would make the Church more of an armada of ships instead of just one boat. At Shalimar UMC, we are many SHIPS, and we need to all paddle in the same direction. That leads to the most important SHIP of the Church. The LORDSHIP of Jesus! We seek to do everything under the LORD-SHIP of JESUS! We strive to all paddle in the same direction! We are on the GO to follow Jesus! Please have your paddle with you Sunday as we hear another message on GO!


Philip McVay

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