Follow Me 40-Day Devotional Plan Begins

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, and we move now into the 40-day journey of Lent. Jesus said to His disciples, “Follow me.”  Likewise, this call to follow Jesus is for all of us today. In preparation for the 40 days of Lent, we have prepared a guide to facilitate following Jesus. It includes a 40-day Bible reading plan and a devotional book for you. Let me share with you about these FOLLOW ME materials.  

First, a FOLLOW ME card is available with a complete list of Bible readings and themes for each day. You can tuck this card in your Bible and follow the reading plan. The theme for the day will provide us with a daily focus. Each day on the back of the card, there are three steps to follow.  
  1. A Bible step: Read and reflect on the Scripture
  2. A Disciple step: How is this prompting us to be more like Jesus today
  3. An Action step: What will I do differently today

Printed copies of this card are available in the Narthex and FLC. You can also find a copy online under our Lent tab

Second, a FOLLOW ME devotional guide is available for you to follow. Matt and I have written 40 devotionals for the Follow Me journey. A limited number of workbooks printed will be available this Sunday, March 6th. You can also find this devotional guide online under the Lent tab at A special thanks to Julie Covert for organizing and designing this Lenten devotional guide. She does amazing work and has worked tireless hours to get this project done. Also, we appreciate Eileen Cox, a super volunteer, who physically bound 300 copies of the Follow Me devotional book.    

The daily scripture readings, themes, and devotionals will prompt us to become a little more like Jesus each day. How great will this be for our congregation to become more like Jesus in the days ahead? The card can be shared with friends, neighbors, and co-workers. You may even want to share conversations about what you read each day.

I look forward to sharing this FOLLOW ME journey of Jesus with you. Let’s get started and see where the Lord leads!  


Philip McVay

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