Some Clues for the Unforgettable Message After Easter

About a quarter of a century ago, I began preaching a message billed as the “unforgettable message after Easter!”  Why? Because the Sunday after Easter often felt like the antithesis to Easter. On Easter Sunday, I noticed crowds had been much larger, the energy level much higher, and the message of resurrection inspired new heights. The Sunday after Easter, by stark contrast, had been smaller crowds, much lower energy, and reduced inspiration.

One day I had an epiphany. I thought for the Sunday after Easter; you have nothing to lose! Expectations are already low, do something different. These messages through the last decades have varied in style and content. There usually is something “out of the box” and sometimes even “upside-down” compared to most conventional messages.

Of all of these types of sermons I have shared through the years, I am especially thrilled about the impact this message could have on this coming Sunday! The content will be strong. Please pray the presentation of the message will inspire people both in-person and online.

What is the message going to be about? In keeping with the mystery, I will not reveal the plans for the message until preaching at the 8am service. After the 8am service, the “cat is out of the bag.”  In the meantime, I can offer a few clues.

  • I am not doing the sermon alone.
  • The message will focus on current events.
  • There will be a strong challenge to have a better community and world.
  • Two predictions: One, the message will be serious and will have portions of “a pin drop” can be heard. Two, I’m predicting humor will be received that will lighten and brighten.
  • The message is both long overdue and very much needed.
  • Resurrection power will be celebrated as Easter Sunday!

One other important addition is that Rev. Matt Langford will present his version of a memorable sermon. (He might add all his sermons are unforgettable!)  His message will be different from mine and presented at 11:07. You can attend two services this week and not hear the same message. Please join us in prayer that we will reverse post-Easter trends with both high energy and inspiration.

And back to the original purpose of an “unforgettable message after Easter,” we do gather to celebrate the resurrection! Resurrection is more than a “one and done” Sunday! We invite you to worship in person or by Livestream at 8, 9:30, 11, and 11:07am.


Philip McVay

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