Members are to Become and Make Disciples

One of my main priorities this year is for our members to grow as disciples of Jesus. Let me explain what I mean through a story. Years ago, a couple visited the church I pastored every Sunday for at least a year. They were so faithful. In fact, I do not think they ever missed a Sunday.  

After several conversations and visits, I invited them to join the church. They did. Then something very strange happened. After they joined, I never saw them again. They vanished! Attempts to reach them were unsuccessful. What in the world happened?  

In my imagination, I wondered what in the world happened? Did they think that becoming a member was the finish line and there was nothing left for them to do? Was there somehow a mistaken notion that you no longer had to attend once you were a member? Did someone say something that ran them off the day they joined? At the very least, something was not understood.  

These new members that vanished were something that happened over 30 years ago. Over time God redeemed and brought good from this mishap. Since then, in my conversations about membership, I have taught that the goal of membership is to become a disciple. In fact, our membership vows are an extension of putting our discipleship into action. Our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness are ways we live into our discipleship.  

Speaking of discipleship, our 40-day FOLLOW ME plan begins Ash Wednesday, March 2. I would like to have our biggest night of attendance for the year at our 6pm Ash Wednesday Service. Each person at this service will receive the 40-Day Discipleship Plan. Would it not be great to pack our sanctuary and have hundreds begin this FOLLOW ME journey together!  

One of the priorities the Lord laid on my heart to lay on your heart is to make our members become disciples this year. So, make plans to be present on March 2. Let’s all participate in the 40-day plan of FOLLOW ME this Lent. It will be here in two weeks!


Philip McVay

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