Time to Nominate this Year’s Hospitality Award Winner

Last year, we created the first-ever hospitality award and presented it to David Dale. The award also took on the name of David Dale because he exhibited extraordinary gifts of hospitality. There is a plaque in the Family Life Center lobby that displays this annual award.

We have now reached a time to consider who should be presented this award in 2021.

We need your help in determining who should be considered for this award. Who in our church always makes it a point to welcome people? What persons offer extraordinary acts of hospitality? Does someone always make it a point to greet newcomers? Who meets no stranger and makes new friends fast? These are the kind of traits we are looking for from recipients of this award.

In preparation for this year’s winner, you are invited to submit nominees between now through April 5, 2021. You can find a nomination form at shalimar-umc.org/david-dale-hospitality-award. You can submit the form online, print and return it to the church office, or call the church office. Please feel free to nominate anyone you think should be considered for this year. Include a sentence or two of why he/she should be considered for this award. All persons nominated will be considered, and our Lead Team will make the final selection. Once a person is identified, the Church Council will formally approve this year’s winner. The winner and presentation of the award will be planned for June 6, 2021, during worship. We look forward to receiving your input on all persons nominated.

This award was founded to affirm the difference hospitality makes in our church! Also, the award raises the awareness of hospitality throughout our congregation. Would it not be great if everyone could be considered for this award? In the meantime, may all of us put smiles on our faces and offer a warm Shalimar UMC welcome! Thanks for being such a hospitable church!


Philip McVay

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