Thank You, Deb Steele!

Deb Steele has been our custodian for nine years here at Shalimar UMC. She will be retiring next week, and I wanted to call this to your attention. In her time with us, Deb has made quite a contribution. She has endeared herself to so many in our congregation.

Deb grew up in Celino, Ohio, and spent most of her life there. You might remember when Deb lost her mother in December of 2019; she traveled back to be with her. Deb also briefly lived in South Carolina. A racecar fan, she really likes Talladega and the Indianapolis 500. She can tell some funny stories about visiting those famous tracks. Deb moved to Fort Walton Beach about ten years ago. She considers Fort Walton Beach to be her home.

In her retirement, she will be visiting her daughter and grandchildren in Phoenix. In fact, she plans a trip very soon. The ability to take time for her family was a major reason to retire. She wanted to spend more time with them. I asked Deb what else she will do in retirement, and in her way, she said, “I just want to piddle around!” Piddling around will be new for Deb as she has been such a dedicated worker.

Deb’s job at Shalimar UMC has brought her joy in working with the different groups and ministries of the church. She has especially liked working with the “Splash ladies” on Wednesday and the preschool staff and children. All of the groups of the church have benefited from Deb’s work and thoughtfulness. Each group will miss her. The good news is, Deb does plan to worship at Shalimar in the future. Most of her relationships are here in the church.

Over the years, Deb has been one of the first people I have seen on Sunday at 6:15 am. She has been most valuable in getting everything open and ready for worship. She also has been attentive to special services and funerals.

I am grateful to Deb for bringing a dead plant back to life. In my office a few years ago, one of my plants started withering and looked dead. Deb began taking care of the plant, and everything changed! The plant took on a new life! This has been Deb’s personal project in my office. She even nicknamed this plant “Bessie.” Bessie is doing quite well years later. Deb has warned me I need to take care of “Bessie.” I will give it a try and hope for the best.

If you would like to show appreciation for Deb, we are taking up an appreciation offering. Please include in the memo of your gift “Deb Steele Appreciation.” Deb’s last day will be May 21st. If you can, please thank Deb for her nine years of dedicated service.




Philip McVay

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