Bread House Week 48

Week 48: Another great week at the Bread House! We had our 10,000th recipient receive food from the Bread House! Congratulations, SUMC, on a job well done! It is through the countless hours of volunteers at the Bread House and donations from the congregation that makes the Bread House a beacon of hope for those in need!

The picture above are the ladies of the Bread House! Left to right: Janet, Robin, Sandra, Tammy, Vi, and Judy! Stop by and say Hi sometime. They would love to chat with you!

We had an interesting story last week. A young man pulled up in his car as we were walking to our cars after closing. He asked if he could get some food, we told him sure, but we usually close at noon. We asked how many are in his family, and he said 5 to 10. So, I asked him, which was it, 5 or 10? He said he did not know for sure because he had relatives coming in for a funeral. You can imagine I felt like a heel, so I said not to worry, we will make up a box of food for him. After putting a box together and taking it to his car, I asked who had passed. He stated it was his dad. You could tell he was having a hard time. Wow, you never know what problems and burdens our visitors bring with them. Sometimes it makes us realize how blessed we are!

If you have not stopped by the Bread House, please come by any Mon, Wed, or Fri between 9-12. We would love to show you around!

Week 48 Numbers
Bags Collected - 313
Bags Given Out - 216
Gift cards Given Out - 0
Members Served - 263

Total Numbers
Bags Collected - 14,195
Bags Given Out - 13,015 (48.8 tons)
Gift cards Given Out - 174 (over $7,305)
Members Served - 10,117

13 New Visitors - 51 family members

Items Always Needed
  • Dried beans and rice
  • Canned vegetables (corn, green beans, mixed), beans, soups (tomato, chicken noodle, and mushroom), tuna and chicken
  • Fruit cups and single-serving chips and snacks
  • Mac and cheese
  • Cereal, oatmeal, and grits
  • Paper Towel and Toilet Paper

If you would like to donate to the Bread House, you can do that in the MEMO line enter COVID-19 or Bread House. Bless you, for all you do to help those in need!

Bless you, for all you do to help those in need!  Questions or want to become a volunteer, contact Janet Norris at 850.598.5399, email or Pete Peters at 703.395.2437,

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