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Back in the church library today. I am anxious to explore this peaceful place. I am also in need of some "really good" reading. My attention is now drawn to the plethora of fiction offerings here. They seem to be arranged alphabetically by the author, and I find some of my favorites. I see Karen Kingsbury, Beverly Lewis, Ted Dekker, Colleen Coble, Gene Edwards, and many others. As promised, they are all arranged from
A to Z!

While I am deciding which one of Karen Kingsbury's novels to dive into, another patron joins me and seems eager to tell me even more about this special place. She, like me, has never actually "seen" the librarian but knows that there must actually "BE" one, as the decor here changes often, and the books on the long table are changed out a lot! My new library friend tells me she finds "books on the table" to often correspond to a recent sermon study or a season. To prove her point, we "check out" the table together, finding a tidy selection of books about the Easter season.

Many of the books on the table are written by Max Lucado (I've recently discovered him in Bible Study). I eagerly select one of his! To my delight, an entire shelf nearby contains a wide selection of Lucado offerings, a great selection from Joyce Meyers, Charles Colson, David Jeremiah, and my all-time favorite, Billy Graham. I make a mental note to check out a book or two written by "the other Grahams" gathered there.

Oh, the possibilities! And as Dr. Seuss so lovingly once said, "The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

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