A Word from Our Librarian - Feb 14, 2021

It just happened again! After praying and pondering quite a while for a good/appropriate/on point/Christian book to recommend to a hurting friend, the SUMC Library came up with just the right one! It was languishing among an entire shelf full of books designated on the shelf’s label, CHRISTIAN LIVING, just waiting for me to pick it up, read its summary comments, and check it out! In fact, several others might provide the inspiration and direction my friend was seeking. And then, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but another shelf across the room, this one labeled CHRISTIAN WOMAN. What? More offerings for my dear friend? Why should I be surprised? Our church library seems to offer more than a WIDE selection of healthy, good-for-you books!

The checkout process was easy-peasy if a bit “old school” (No bar code scanning here!) All that was required was my name, phone #, and date!

But WAIT, there’s MORE…MUCH MORE! Just to the left of the checkout counter was an entire bookshelf FULL of CHRISTIAN FICTION! Be still my heart! Everyone can use a bit of good fiction these days, and the selection here was more than adequate. I had to help myself to a book or two and THEN, the neatest discovery of all! The adorable, comfy, and cozy CHILDRENS’ SECTION, complete with bean bags, cozy rugs, and an array of great kids’ books, for seemingly all ages! What a restful place. I can’t wait to bring the kids and some future time to browse the other shelves in our church LIBRARY! This place is a treasure! You MUST CHECK IT OUT sometime soon!

Office Administrator

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