Week 52 at the Bread House

Week 52:  On April 7, 2021, Shalimar United Methodist Church celebrated the 1st year anniversary of the Bread House.

Dignitaries attending included: Shalimar Mayor Mark Franks, Senior Pastor of Shalimar United Methodist Church Dr. Philip McVay, Mission's Pastor Dr. Brad Bradford, Rev. David Garvin, and Rev. Matt Langford. The event was officiated by Pete Peters, Chairman of the Mission/Outreach Committee.

During the beginning of Covid in 2020, the Mission's team voted to help those in need by providing them with food items. No one saw where this was going to go or how it was going to grow. A group of volunteers began distributing donations from the SUMC congregation in the church parking lot. At the end of the assigned hours, the volunteers would drive to the Shalimar Ballfields and hand out more food. After a few months, it was obvious we needed a larger space. Having tried a couple of interim locations, we settled into the current site in the building's kitchen on the backlot, called Cross Corner. Since starting, the Bread House has distributed more than 52 tons of food to 11,000 individuals.

The Bread House has become a community support activity. All are welcome to come! Folks from Shalimar and Ft. Walton bring donations to help those in need.

If you have not stopped by the Bread House, please come by any Mon, Wed, or Fri between 9-12. We would love to show you around!

Week 52 Numbers
Bags Collected - 404
Bags Given Out - 209
Gift cards Given - 0
Members Served - 154

Total Numbers
Bags Collected - 15,492
Bags Collected - 15,492
Bags Given Out - 13,897 (52.1 tons)
Gift cards Given - 174 (over $7,305)
Members Served - 11,017

2 New Visitors - 6 family members

Items Always Needed
  • Dried beans and rice
  • Canned vegetables (corn, green beans, mixed), beans, soups (tomato, chicken noodle, and mushroom), tuna and chicken
  • Fruit cups and single-serving chips and snacks
  • Mac and cheese
  • Cereal, oatmeal, and grits
  • Paper Towel and Toilet Paper

If you would like to donate to the Bread House, you can do that in the MEMO line enter COVID-19 or Bread House. Bless you, for all you do to help those in need!

Bless you, for all you do to help those in need!  Questions or want to become a volunteer, contact Janet Norris at 850.598.5399, email norrisjanet59@gmail.com or Pete Peters at 703.395.2437, fpeters1@cox.net.

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