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HEY THERE! It is “me” again, back in the SUMC library, returning the excellent books I checked out last week. Having more time this week, I will take a deeper dive into what this calm and quiet place has to offer. First, to return these books. Apparently, you drop them into the “Return Books Here” box on the checkout counter. How easy is that?

Now, to browse.

The Reference section in the library is impressive. I doubt I will check any out. Since I am here, I will have a look around. As expected, the reference section has many big old Bible commentaries, individual books of the Bible, and numerous different Bibles to include an unexpected Korean edition and, appropriately, a Hebrew Bible! I “get it” Jesus was a Jew!

As those commercials promise, “Wait, there’s more!”  We have an entire shelf of books about Methodism, John Wesley, and a little section of books written by Methodist ministers! And that author I have heard about, C.S. Lewis, his are here, as well. Didn’t C.S. Lewis write books about Narnia? I wonder.

But what to check out today is the goal, and I think I will begin with this beautifully illustrated book called The Journeys of Jesus. It catches my eye, a pretty picture book, and I figure this might be an excellent place to begin to know more about Him.

As if, propelled by the book, I am standing in the middle of the precious Children’s area. It would be fun to check out a few of these lovely books about Jesus for the kids. I can “see” it now, my picture book in my lap. The kids beside me looking at the beautiful photos and us learning together. Then, picking up the children’s books to read out loud! What a beautiful, hopeful, purposeful mind’s picture it is!

Hurriedly now, passing by those shelves of fiction (next time!), I check out my treasure trove of Jesus books. I am anxious to get home to those kids! One more light bulb goes off as I leave this special place. I will bring the children next time! They deserve to experience the SUMC Library! Especially, they deserve to know more about Jesus!

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