The Positive Message of Jesus Christ

Last week, I shared about four specific areas placed on my heart. I also wanted to put these on your hearts. These priorities I am nicknaming “post-Covid Church opportunities for a new era.”
  • One is restructuring our congregational care system to include at least ten teams that have a significant role in the care for our congregation.
  • Two is living by word and deed the positive message of Jesus Christ.
  • Three is the making of disciples and not just members.
  • Four, to make God our primary audience for all we do.  

In this week’s message, I would like to focus on the second priority; living the positive message of Jesus Christ in word and deed. The good news of Jesus is hopeful for everyone! Even in our worse times. The positive message of Jesus helps us reorient back to hope again.
The world and the news bombard us with negativity. There is absolutely no reason for the church to mirror the negativity we experience outside the church so often. If our church focuses on the positive power of Jesus Christ, we will have more positivity on our campus than anywhere in town.

If the good news of Jesus is in our hearts, then positivity will be bouncing off our church building walls. The overall result of living this good news is our church becomes a center for hope for our entire community. Would it not be great this year if we were known as the most positive environment in town?

The benefits of living this positive message of hope are that people are drawn to positive environments. In living out this positive good news of Jesus day in and day out, we will ramp up our positive witness for Jesus! We will be living out Matthew 5:16 “In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” (NLT)  

Now as much as ever, people need hope. So as we continue to move into the new year, let us shine our light for Jesus! Let’s make the environment of Shalimar UMC the most positive in town!

See you Sunday as we shine our light together!


Philip McVay

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