Bread House Week 37 & 38

Week 37 & 38: Happy New Year from the Bread House! Luckily, we were open over the holidays, because we had many visitors in just two days each week!

A special thanks go out to all our faithful contributors who donate funds to help us buy milk and eggs each day we are open and other items we need. Also, a huge thanks to those who continue to bring donations for the Bread House; without you, we would not be able to reach out and help those in need! Thank you so very much!

Let me introduce the persons in the picture, Bill (left) and Phil (Right).
Bill brings milk and eggs every day that we are open. He started this when we began working out of the back of an SUV in front of the FLC. He has continued for nine months! Thanks, Bill! Phil is our “Bread Man!” He has brought bread as long as Bill has been bringing milk and eggs. Phil donates the bread each day! If it weren’t for these two Christian men, the Bread House would not exist! Thanks, Guys, for a job well done!

Week 37&38 Numbers
Bags Collected - 562
Bags Given Out - 480
Gift cards Given Out - 0
Members Served - 454

Total Numbers
Bags Collected - 10,669
Bags Given Out - 9,798 (36.7 tons)
Gift cards Given Out - 171 (over $7,250)
Members Served - 7,022

Some of the items needed include:
· Dried beans and rice
· Canned vegetables (corn, green beans, mixed), beans, soups (tomato, chicken noodle and mushroom), tuna and chicken
· Fruit cups and single-serving chips and snacks
· Mac and cheese
· Cereal, oatmeal, and grits
· Paper Towel and Toilet Paper

Please know that you are welcome to donate or join us at the Bread House Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 9:00 - 12:00. If you would like to donate to the Bread House, you can do that in the MEMO line enter COVID-19 or Bread House. Bless you, for all you do to help those in need!

Happy New Year from the Bread House Support Team!

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Janet Norris, Sandra Brown, Bill McBroom, Phil Richter, or Pete Peters at 703-395-2437 or email
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