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2022 Mid-Year Highlights
We have had a positive first six months of 2022. We have added new members! New things have popped up! Several of our ministries have leaped forward into 2022. Also, our congregation gives generously to the Lord, and this makes such vibrant ministry possible.  
The answer of course is only God could do something like this!
In addition, we joined with other United Methodist Churches in the Annual Conference to reach 50 new members in fifty days. Together, almost 800 new members were reached in “The Great 50 Days.”  The stories of people were as compelling as the numbers.
Another great highlight is the birth of our new respite ministry Joyful Place! After three years of persevering through Covid setbacks and other obstacles, Joyful Place has begun and is on the move! (Thank you Don Litke) We are so grateful God has provided the perfect director Leigh Rice and a host of wonderful volunteers. Joyful Place has indeed brought new joy to our campus.
There is a new buzz with ministry to children and youth! We hired a new Children’s Director Sarah Hicks in April. We already have had a strong Food Truck Party VBS. Children’s Camp, this summer, under the leadership of Dawn Rozofsky has record numbers. Our Youth Program has also had a good summer with increased attendance led by Rev. David Garvin. Also, the youth had a wonderful choir tour to Pennsylvania, New York, and Tennessee under the direction of Dr. Brad Bradford and wonderful volunteers.
And right before our eyes, we see the 11:07 worship is on the move and on the grow again! We are grateful for the leadership of Rev. Matt Langford and Ben Savage for their enthusiasm and planning to make 11:07 uplifting for all. Our traditional services are also showing signs of growth with the addition of new members and fresh faces throughout the year. The special Sunday services such as the Lenten Musical and Patriotic Services, under the leadership of Dr. Bradford, were as vibrant and inspiriting as ever!
Other special services are also awesome! Ash Wednesday Service broke an attendance record. On Ash Wednesday, we handed out devotional plans for “Follow Me” (Jesus) during the 40 days of Lent. Our Lenten journey guide each day helped us see what following Jesus looks like. Holy Week was great! Our Maundy Thursday Seder Dinner led by Barry and Renata Steiner was amazing, as we filled the FLC. Some remarked it was the most meaningful and educational service they had ever attended. The family life center was riveting that night.
Our missions and ministry into 2022 are as strong as ever! Bread House volunteers continue to give food away three days a week to our community. Blessings for Children, under the leadership of Mary Jane Robertson and volunteers are truly a blessing to the families in our community. One mission highlight was our “Starry, Starry, Night” program, in June, which raised over $27,000 for missions! Missions are so vibrant under the leadership of Pete Peters and our missions' team. Our community is served in so many ways each week through our church!
Well, these are just some of the highlights of the first half of 2022. There are many other signs of vibrancy in our church! Thank you again for your generosity to the Lord that makes such enthusiastic ministry possible! We move on to what God has in store for the second half of the year. To God be the Glory!  

Abigail Denney

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