Angel Tree

The Angel Tree Christmas campaign will begin Nov 21st-Dec 16th! For those who may not know, the Angel Tree has been a Christmas tradition at Shalimar United Methodist for decades. Through this campaign, our church members graciously give to those families who need assistance in providing for their young children.

This year, the giving campaign will change from years past. Traditionally, a large Christmas tree is placed in the Narthex of the sanctuary and the Family Life Center with Angel Tags that can be adopted and shopped for. Gifts are then returned wrapped for each child.

This year, after input from many areas of our church and congregation, it was decided we need to change the way The Angel Tree program works and responds to needs of our nominated families.

Instead of focusing on the individual child, we want to include the parents and guardians of the children by providing them gift cards from Walmart.

We are asking that our church family donate Walmart gift cards in the amount of $25.00 each. Depending on your budget, you can donate in $25.00 increments. So, if you would like to donate $100.00, you would purchase 4 - $25.00 Walmart gift cards and return them to the Gift Card boxes in the Narthex or in the church office.

At the end of the campaign, we will distribute the gift cards in equal amounts to the nominated families from our own congregation and those who are associated with our church family.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity at Christmas and always!

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