TOGETHER in Doxology

Ten years from now, we will likely reminisce about the years 2020-2021. We will possibly reflect on how quickly the normal we knew changed in the “blink of an eye.” The dramatic changes sparked isolation, separation, division, and sharp differences of opinion on many subjects. Oh, how the world has changed since March of 2020!
The surges of Covid seem to be subsiding, thank God! Yet still, everything is still “out of whack.” Even supply and demand, which always seems to drive things, is out of kilter. Recently, some businesses have been booming with success! Other companies are hard-pressed to have enough workers and are facing some tough decisions. Finally, some have experienced prosperity and other shortages.

In all that has transpired, our human condition and need for God have not changed. As we all face an unknown future, some have been very frustrated, irritated, and even take out their discontent on others. Yet, many have known the higher truth revealed in the bizarre 20 months. We never had control to begin with. We only thought we did! Let me repeat that. WE NEVER HAD CONTROL! WE ONLY THOUGHT WE DID!
The acceptance and reality that only God has complete control is a good thing! When we give the controls to God, we are set free! In the last 20 months, God’s blessings have continued to flow and overflow toward us. In the future, I predict we will focus more on how God helped us through this remarkable era!

How has God blessed you? What are your reasons to sing the Doxology and give “Praise to God from whom all blessings flow?” In the next few weeks, I will be working on my list of praises to God. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I would encourage you to focus on the blessings of God too!
In the next few weeks, we will invite our congregation to enthusiastically participate in Doxology TOGETHER! Being positive and praising God TOGETHER will elevate the spiritual life and participation in our congregation!  Let’s praise God and lift the roof! We have insurance! In fact, the very best insurance! We never had control, and it is God that always blesses us and brings us through! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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