The Who is You!

Horton of Dr. Seuss fame might have found his "WHO," but so have I! As promised last week, the "WHO" of the additions to our children's section has been "found out!" The "WHO" (actually the "WHO's") is YOU! Your generous contributions to your library have not only enabled us to share good books within our neighborhoods but have also helped us seriously up-grade our shelves! As our librarian has said more than once, children's books are beautifully illustrated and delightfully written. Spending time today in the children's section, I discovered just that as I turned the pages of books like The Velveteen Rabbit; I Love You More Than; The Kid Who Changed The World; The Mitten; and Wait Until Then. All are books begging to be read aloud and hugged while you are hopefully hugging a child. Pulling myself up from a cozy bean bag, a wonderful collection of Nancy Drew books caught my eye and brought back fond, fond memories of having read and re-read so many of Nancy's mystery solvers! Speaking of Nancy Drew, the librarian just reminded me that many, many more have been checked out LONG AGO and that it would be a HUGE BLESSING to have them returned! AND, get this, no over-due charges here, nothing ever said, the return of "lost but wanting to be returned" books will be enough to put a smile on the librarian's face! So, off I go, armed with more books, having dutifully returned last week! Till next time, stay safe and well and keep reading! It's good for all that ails us!

Office Administrator

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