Current Status and Future Plans of the Church Steak Dinner, My Treat

On August 23rd, I want to invite you to attend a free steak dinner in which I will share the current status of our church and some future discipleship plans. This event will be capped at 100 persons for the dinner portion, but more room will be available if you decide to forego the dinner. The event will begin at 6pm and conclude at 7:30pm.

Topics to be covered during the evening.

  1. First, I will give information about the current status of our church.  What are the facts about subjects such as membership, attendance, giving, and debt?  What are our greatest immediate opportunities and challenges?  How are our lay leadership groups functioning, and what is their status as we emerge from a Covid Year?  

  2. Second, I will update the latest news of the scheduled General Conference in 2022.  There is a lot of speculation of a division of our denomination sometime in the future.  What impact will this have on the ministry of Shalimar United Methodist Church, if any? Again, I invite you to attend, and I will share the latest information available.  

  3. Third, my heart has been focused on developing a discipleship plan for 2022.  Layers of the early plans for “Say YES in 2022” will be rolled out for the first time. I am very excited to share these plans with you where you will see everyone will have a chance to “put our oar in the water.”  There will be a moment of witness of discipleship as well.  
Well, there are 100 spots available for a free steak dinner! (Chicken will also be available for the non-beef people). So please make your reservation by calling the church office at 850-651-0721 or emailing as soon as possible.  Reservations will remain open until we reach 100.  


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