Staying on Mission saying “Yes to Disciple 2022”

The year 2022 will be here in about five months. On the horizon will be unprecedented new opportunities to grow as a disciple each week through Shalimar United Methodist Church! The goal is to live out our mission of “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world” through every worshipper of Shalimar United Methodist Church. The next five months will be a time of organization, invitation, and preparation with an eye toward implementation in the New Year 2022. WE can help by putting our “oar in the water” and paddling in this direction of discipleship. So be ready to say “YES” to Disciple 2022!
How will WE measure weekly discipleship? January will offer a new discipleship metric that WE will monitor all year. It will be simple and applicable to anyone’s circumstances. There will be options, flexibility, and adaptability to encourage everyone to participate. The hope is that this growth in our discipleship, our primary mission, will grow the church and grow the church in the right direction.
In the short term, there are three opportunities to help US put our oar in the water. First, WE do not have to wait for 2022. There are some discipleship opportunities available this fall. WE can find a list of new and existing classes available on Wednesday Night for the upcoming season, ongoing Sunday School classes, and weekly studies like, Splash of Joy, to jump into this fall on our website under Fall Spiritual Growth Opportunities.
Second, the new sermon series “WE ARE SHALIMAR!” will be preached this month. WE are taking a deeper dive into our three discipleship verbs REACH, TEACH, and SEND. In doing so, WE will affirm our past and blaze a discipleship trail for the present and future.
Third, there will be a REVEAL party on August 23rd! No, not the kind of reveal party of “boy” or “girl” but rather rolling out some plans for saying, “Yes to Discipleship 2022!” The date is August 23rd at 6pm. There will be a free dinner, and WE will present some of the layers of plans to help make this discipleship possible! Everyone is welcome!
Place “YES to discipleship 2022” on our prayer list. May the Holy Spirit overwhelm our congregation and community so that Ephesians 3:20 is made possible “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than WE ask or imagine.” Living out the mission of Jesus! Let it be so, Lord!

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