Putting Our Oars in the Water

What would Shalimar United Methodist Church be capable of if everyone put their oar in the water and rowed in the same direction? Even better, what if we all rowed in the direction of living as a disciple and making disciples of Jesus Christ? My challenge is just that moving into our Fall (Back-to-School Season). So, what are our tangible ways of putting our oar in the water?

First, we can be present in worship each week. Worshipping every week is possible for everyone at Shalimar UMC. Weekly worship has never been more available. First, you can worship in person. Unless we are prevented by health or out of town, let’s recommit our attendance for in-person weekly worship. A former parishioner told me, “Worshipping each week is the easiest habit to break and the hardest to make.”  This was before Livestream. Now there is no reason not to attend. If we do have a reason to miss church in person, we can watch the service on Livestream or even later in the week on our archived services. I want to challenge all connected in our church to worship each week! Let’s put our oars in the water!

Second, we can be generous in our giving to the Lord. I want to thank our congregation for their continued generosity this year! You have been incredibly faithful! What if all of us put our oars in the water of generosity? This church would have a greater impact! Let’s all put our oars in the water!

Third, put our oar in the water to commit to growing as a disciple each day. This could be done with a daily devotional, an act of service, becoming a part of a study group, small group, or prayer group. Can we imagine everyone growing in Christ each day? My hope for 2022 is that everyone connected with Shalimar UMC will be growing as a disciple each day. Let’s put our oars in the water!

Fourth, what if every Sunday School class, existing study group, Emmaus reunion group, ministry group, and mission group put their oar in the water? WOW! There would be so much energy, synergy, and momentum from our existing groups! I will be meeting with our current group leaders to explore how we can all put our oars in the water and paddle in the same direction into 2022. Let’s put our oars in the water!

One other thing, I quoted Dr. Si Mathison last Sunday in saying, “You cannot rock the boat when you are paddling the boat!”  We live in some “boat rocking” times. People are Monday morning quarterbacking most everything nationally, locally, and sometimes even in the church! We serve an awesome and powerful God. We can choose a different path in the church! LET’S PUT OUR OARS IN THE WATER!


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