Patriotic Service from an Online Perspective

Patriotic Service from an Online Perspective

Well, Brad has done it. Another soul-touching Patriotic service for him to count. These special services are a vital part of our Shalimar UMC identity. Have you ever stopped to read what others say about us?

Every Sunday, people watch us from all over on Boxcast through our website, YouTube, and Facebook Live. We greet those who worship online, just as we would anyone who comes on our campus. This past Sunday, we had around 360 people joining us for worship through our online channels, in addition to our in-person services.

I wanted to share some of the comments made online this past Sunday and thank those who made the comments.

Just a note, all of these comments came off our public Facebook page, per our policies. All comments on our Online Campus are private. There are lots of good ones there if you want to join and read them:
Edward M. (Google Review) ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ Wonderful patriotic service today.

James K. (Facebook) Outstanding Patriotic Inspirational service!! Great Sound and Picture!!

Deborah G. (Facebook) I especially loved the narration, which told the story of our country's history. This was an excellent idea for a service!

Bob D. (Facebook) This was an outstanding worship experience. It seemed more patriotic than the services I have attended on a military installation.

Debbie E. (Facebook) WOW.....absolutely amazing!!!!Thanks to all of you who practiced for this presentation!!! God bless the USA.

Patricia I. (Facebook) Amen! Praise God for all those that have served and those who are serving now. God Bless America!!! What an awesome service!

Sandra M. (Facebook) Heard the 8:00 service, and you are were all marvelous.
Thank you to Brad, our chancel choir, orchestra, and tech team, who brought this service of music and spoken word to people everywhere.
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