Library News July 2021

It's "me" again. The best friend of your SUMC library ever! With a bit more browsing time this visit, I checked out some gatherings there that I had not discovered before. For instance, I found a collection of books written by Max Lucado, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer (I did not realize she had written a fiction book, did you?), Charles Swindoll, Billy Graham (and many other Grahams), and Philip Yancy. Around the corner, I found a rather large selection of books written just for women; others for men; and a shelf of parenting books that drew my attention fully.

Further back, in a corner, I was tickled to find quite a few books about Methodism. Since I am "new" here, it was a good way to learn more. As I continued around the room, the shelf labeled "America" grabbed my attention. What a pleasure and a treat to find many books written about our great USA!

I looked around for, perhaps, a box or a bag in which to carry the many books I was collecting to check out when the cute little bell on the door announced the arrival of, wait for it, the LIBRARIAN!!! Her smile of welcome (and offer of a shopping bag) gave me a chance to find more about this wonderful library. I will share more of what I found out about the library's history later, but I was especially happy to learn from the Librarian that donations of children's books are now being sought.

A donation box near the back door awaits any drop-offs of kids' books (all ages) in good condition! They will be given to the children who come to the Back to School Bash on August 1st! I also found out that the Bash, an annual outreach to the community, is a way to make certain children are "armed and ready" to begin the new school year. What a church this is - to reach out to so many in such neat and necessary ways. I am thinking about volunteering myself. I plan to return in a few days with some of my kids' gently used books for the Back to School Bash!

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