Immediate Opportunities to Grow

Can you believe this week marks the mid-way point of 2021! As we continue to see some normal coming out of a long Covid Year, I would like to lift up some of the current opportunities to grow through Shalimar United Methodist Church. Maybe you would want to consider some of these opportunities to grow this Summer!

Has life been difficult and overwhelming for you? Perhaps you are looking for a one-on-one way to jump-start your growth. Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one lay, caring ministry that helps people get through difficult times or crises. We pray over assignments and consider life experiences. There is NO charge. Stephen Ministers are not counselors but people caring confidentially in the name of Jesus. Here at Shalimar, we have had trained Stephen Ministers, helping our congregation for 25 years. If you are interested in a Stephen Minister, you can let one of the pastors know or contact Sara Michaelson, Cathie Buckman, or Amanda Harris from our laity. You can contact the church office to get started as well.

Do you find it difficult to make long-term commitments but long for a retreat setting? The Emmaus Walk is a 72-hour crash course in Christianity. The event is highly organized so that your needs are completely met. The three and half days are completely supported by loving people who want nothing more than for you to have a life-changing experience. Shalimar UMC has a large Emmaus Community ready to cheer you on for this life-changing experience. We also have plenty of persons eager to sponsor individuals interested in an upcoming walk. As we come out of Covid, there is less waiting for both the lady's and men's walks. Chrysalis is also available for youth beginning at age 15. If you would like to know more about Emmaus or Chrysalis, contact our church office for sponsors and information.

Are you looking for a way to learn more about the Bible and make new friends? Every Sunday at 9:30am, we have a variety of Sunday School options. There are options of lecture in style and some with more of a discussion format. Some classes are larger and some smaller. There are also classes for youth and children. So, if you are interested in Sunday School, you can show up at 9:30am at the Family Life Center and begin this new journey.

Our Online Campus is new and offers opportunities to be involved from home or wherever you are located each week. For example, there are opportunities to talk about Sunday's Sermon on Mondays at 7pm. On Tuesdays, you can lift up prayer requests and join in prayer at 7pm. On Thursdays at 7pm, you can learn about the different ministry highlights in our congregations. These opportunities are all available, and it is easy to join the online community. If you need help joining online, you can contact Rev. Faith Parry.

Are you looking for a class you can just drop in when you are available? Pastors Class requires no advance study, and you can come and go as your schedule allows. Pastor's Class is a good general option for all in our congregation. The class meets on Wednesday at 6pm at Cross Corner. The pastors lead Pastor's Class, and the focus is the background for the upcoming sermon. By the way, a few people think this class is just for pastors! HA HA. The name comes from pastors leading the class and is open for everyone interested in mid-week inspiration and study.

There will be more discipleship opportunities announced in the coming weeks for August. However, I did want you to know what we have in July so that you do not have to wait. There are great opportunities available for you!

Have a great 4th of July! We hope to see you at Shalimar UMC this Sunday for our special patriotic services and at 11:07!


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