Stephen Ministry

Who are Stephen Ministers?
Stephen Ministers are lay members of the church who are servants, listeners, supportive resource people, and caring Christian friends.

They are not counselors, therapists, pastors, or mental health professionals.
They listen, explore feelings, encourage, pray, share Christ’s love, and give comfort in a confidential manner.

Stephen Ministers serve as an extension of the pastoral staff.

What is Stephen Ministry?
Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one lay caring ministry that helps people get through a difficult period in their life such as family death, divorce, disability, job loss or illness.

It provides high quality, confidential, Christ-centered care.

For more info contact Amanda Harris at 850-803-6707, Casey  Brennan at 850-461-9008, Cathie Buckman at 850-797-6936, or Sara Michaelson at 850-865-3343.

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