Welcome!!! Welcome Back!!!

We will have “Dinner on the Grounds” on our campus this Sunday. The meal is not a “bring a covered dish” but is catered. Please do not bring food from home! You will be treated to a delicious meal from Chef Heyward McKenzie. There will be plenty of food! You do not need a reservation. The Adult Ministries Team wanted to plan an event WELCOMING EVERYONE and WELCOMING everyone back with our first church-wide fellowship and food event in over a year!

In addition to “Dinner on the Grounds,” Sunday is also Pentecost Sunday! This will be a day we revisit our spiritual roots! Roots, of course, are most important in these times when strong winds blow with uncertainty and change. We will be applying the teachings of the first Pentecost. On Sunday, May 23, we will celebrate two extraordinary events in the Church! The coming of the HOLY SPIRIT and the BIRTHDAY of the CHURCH!

In these days of transitioning out of our Covid Year, there are so many different winds blowing. There are gales of division, winds of condemnation, and winds of despair. We will counter these winds by proclaiming the message of the first Pentecost and the Holy Spirit. On this day of Pentecost, a mighty wind brought a message of salvation, multiplication, and unity! In the Pentecost story, we will hear the message of what we need most today! We will be challenged and inspired to come together in a deeper unity this Sunday!

There could not be a better day than the day of Pentecost to have our first “Dinner on the Grounds.” A dinner we have not had in well over a year! We are grateful to our Adult Ministry Team for planning what may be one of the most remarkable days in the history of our Church. It will be a great day to springboard into the future! Hope to see you Sunday! Welcome and Welcome Back!


Philip McVay

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