We Have Survived, Now Thrive!

This week we flip the calendar into a new year! I do not remember, in my lifetime, more anticipation of starting a new year. Most people wrote 2020 off months ago as the strangest, most chaotic, craziest, most bizarre, and difficult year ever! As the saying goes for 2020, “Do not let the door hit you on the way out!”  I suppose many who feel that way will say, “Good riddance!”

As 2021 begins at Shalimar UMC, we are seeking to set a new tempo. We all know what it is like to SURVIVE a rough year. Now we invite everyone to THRIVE into the New Year! What does it mean to THRIVE?

Webster describes THRIVE as to grow “vigorously and flourish.”  The word also has a meaning especially relevant for 2021, “to progress toward a goal realized despite or because of circumstances.”   Does this seem kind of right for where we are? The circumstances of 2020 have been daunting, but now a new year of possibility awaits. Our 21 days focus, and first sermons of the year will be a focus on THRIVING into 2021.

On Sunday, January 3, at worship, we will begin the New Year with a “THRIVING” message. We will ask the Lord’s blessings in 2021 and will be preaching from Numbers 6:24-26. You may recognize this beautiful prayer.

“The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face to shine on you and be gracious to
you. The Lord lift up his face to you and give you peace.”

Also, “THRIVING” will be our theme for the 21 days of worship this year. On Monday, January 4, at 6am, we begin our 21 days of worship this year. This year, the 21 days will be by Livestream only and available anytime in the archives. The worship services will be brief and a great way to start each day. Each day will offer some inspiring worship through music, a brief message, and a daily challenge for 21 days to thrive. The first week will focus on our relationship with the Lord. The second week on thriving and will focus on ourselves. The third week will challenge us to reach out to others. Go ahead now and plan to make the daily time of worship a part of your schedule for the New Year!

I look forward to a great and THRIVING year with you at Shalimar UMC. We have learned so much through a challenging year. Now let’s look to the future trusting God and begin to THRIVE!

Happy New Year, and may the Lord bless you!

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Philip McVay

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