An Advent Reset is Really Needed This Year

Just like that, Advent has arrived. The leftovers from Thanksgiving were still delicious when the quick shift happened last weekend. In just hours, we moved from turkey, dressing, and wonderful family times to Advent time. Let me rephrase, “we moved.” It gave me some “whiplash” to make this change so quickly this year!

Why did moving from Thanksgiving to Advent seem so fast? Ready or not, Advent is here, and Christmas is coming! Advent always follows Thanksgiving. One reason is this COVID-19 year has changed the sense of time. I know my inner clock is broken. Normally, I can guess the time of day with in minutes. This year I struggle to remember the date and month, much less the time of day. My inner clock with this bewildering year has been so different.

Last Sunday, I was as discombobulated as ever. As I stood to preach for the 8:00 service, I knew it was Advent in my head, but my heart was still trying to catch up! I guess many of you are also trying to catch up with the reality we are now in December, Advent is already here, and Christmas is coming! Is there anything we can do to stop and be fully present for this Advent? I have an idea! Maybe we all need to push the reset button to our souls! This year, of all years, let us have an ADVENT RESET!

One of the reasons the season of Advent was designed was to prepare us to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The setting of Advent every year means we worship Jesus irrespective of what is going on in our world. Advent has year after year led people to the manger in wars, famines, plagues, and disruptive times before. As we ponder all that has changed in the last year, hearing the good news of the birth of Jesus will help us reset this year. In worship and adoration of Jesus, we can go from discombobulated to focused! Even though Advent may have started with a jolt, this could still be the most remarkable and inspiring Advent season ever!

May this Advent anchor us, in this strange year, to new spiritual beginnings and bearings guiding our path. Let us have a soul full of joy instead of lingering sadness. Can we allow the light of Jesus to light our path? Are we open for an infusion of hope instead of despair? May we know the Prince of Peace instead of turmoil. And with all that is not in our control, may we know the sweet release of letting go and letting God!

May this be the greatest Advent ever! When day by day, we prepare our hearts with joy and anticipation to worship Jesus, the newborn King! Let us bow down to worship Jesus and adore Him.

I am planning on resetting my soul this Advent! I need it! This crazy year needs a reset button. I invite us to have an ADVENT RESET this year! The good news of Jesus is all we need to make everything right in our soul again!

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Philip McVay

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