Bread House Week 28

Week 28
Every week is a story, all good! Last weekend we ended up getting a pallet and a half from the food drop at the fairgrounds. This week Destin Harvest showed up and gave us a ton of food, to include 15 cases of candy which we will use for Trunk or Treat. We had more meat and vegetables this week than we have had for months. The folks coming to the Bread House are ecstatic with what we have to offer. Thanks for everything our congregation does to help those in need! We had more homeless folks (over 11) come by this week.  It helps that we have grab bags with snacks and drinks they can take with them. That’s why we ask for small bags of chips, cookies, crackers, fruit and drinks…it all works for them.   They can’t cook or store anything, so it has to be ready to eat. Thank you, Shalimar, for all you do for these who need all the help they can get…you should be proud!  It is great!

(The above picture is the Thursday drop off from Destin Harvest - 25 cases of meat, breads, vegetables, and more!)

Here is a personal story from Donna Whitney:
This last Friday, I met a woman who I had not seen before. She had a very thick New Jersey accent, and her face was covered in cuts and bruises. She had dark purple bruises and cuts up and down her arms. She had ridden to the Bread House on her bicycle and was getting food for her and her five kids she had brought with her when she left her husband. She told her husband she was taking the kids to Walmart, left with her children, and did not look back.

She did not ask for money, but she did ask for shoes. She was embarrassed because she didn't have black shoes for her size 10 foot to complete the uniform she needed for her bussing tables.

She said she didn't care what she got from the food pantry because anything would be appreciated. Barb and I loaded her up, and I gave her $20 for a pair of shoes. She was so appreciative and cried in shame, wondering if she had done the right thing. I hugged her and told her she did. She DID do the right thing and that God would provide for her if she continued to have faith.

Week 28 Numbers
Bags Collected - 599
Bags Given Out - 251
Gift cards Given Out - 0
Members Served - 228

Total Numbers
Bags Collected - 7819
Bags Given Out - 7083 (26.5 tons)
Gift cards Given Out - 170 (over $7225)
Members Served - 4400

*Focus items you can help us with this week!
Canned Meat: Chicken, tuna, and ham
Canned Soup: Chicken noodle, Tomato, and Cream of Mushroom soup
Canned Vegetables: Corn, green beans, mixed vegetables, baked beans, and Beanie Weenies
Pantry: Bread, Jelly, fruit cups, raisins (small boxes), peanut butter crackers, rice, granola bars, Mac & Cheese, and snacks
Dried Beans: Black, White, and Pinto Beans
Other Items: Paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, and toothbrushes
Snacks; small size bags of chips, cereal, fruit, health bars, and etc. are always needed.

Thanks for the continued support!

NOTE: If you cannot bring items to the Bread House, you can always donate gift cards from local grocery stores or cash donations to SUMC. MEMO: Bread House or Covid-19 Relief Fund.

As a reminder pickup and drop off is every Mon-Wed-Fri,  9-12 pm.

Any questions contact Janet, Donna, Terry, Sandra, Bill, or Pete at 703.395.2437 or email
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