All Saints' Day

The pastors, along with our worship team, have chosen not to collect a Worship Celebration - All Saints' Offering. Due to the most unusual time in which we find ourselves along with the continual financial straits many people find themselves, it was determined that this was our best course of action for this year.

We will be honoring those who have passed on since our last All Saints' celebration this Sunday, November 1st as part of Holy Communion in all of our services. Remember, if you are worshiping via livestream, have your communion elements ready at home so that you may participate in this most special time.

Those listed below have been a part of our fellowship and went to the Church Triumphant in the past year. Let us continue to remember their families in our thoughts and prayers through the months ahead.

Chaplain Castillo
Linda Choplin
Andrew Jon Ciechomski
Richard Arnold Davis
Blanche B. Ferdon
David French
Thomas Gasper
Arlo Herrick
Barbara Jergenson
Joan C. Moon
Eleanor L. Nicoloff
Elizabeth Randels
Elaine Richardson
Michael Joseph Riviezzo
Jerry Trommater
June E. Trone
Marta Zurkova

Julie Covert

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