Week 27 Bread House Report

This has been a very interesting week at the Bread House. We did not receive a shipment from Destin Harvest this week, which put us in a scare. As God always provides, we had donations come in from our fantastic congregation, and luckily, we made it to the end of the week.

On Saturday, we received a call from Larry. He received food from us when we worked out of an SUV in front of the FLC. By chance, he was working a food giveaway at the fairgrounds, and they had a bunch of food left over.  He asked if we wanted any of the food. The only problem was we had to pick it up, and I was in Milton. I called Jamie and Rendi Bonner, who jumped into action. They picked up 69 boxes of food, which is over 1 ton of food. They rushed back, and with Larry’s help, they unpacked the boxes, filled up the freezer, and all the refrigerators to include some in the FLC. With some food still left, they took boxes to the Shalimar apartments and gave out 52 bags of food. It was a great day! ~Pete Peters

Week 27 Numbers
Bags Collected - 209
Bags Given Out - 218
Gift cards Given Out - 2
Members Served - 277

Total Numbers
Bags Collected - 7220
Bags Given Out - 6832 (25.5 tons)
Gift cards Given Out - 170 (over $7225)
Members Served - 4172

*Focus items you can help us with this week!

Canned Meat: Chicken, tuna, and ham

Canned Soup: Chicken noodle, Tomato, and Cream of Mushroom soup

Canned vegetables: Corn, green beans, mixed vegetables, baked beans, and Beanie Weenies

Pantry: Bread, Jelly, fruit cups, raisins (small boxes), peanut butter crackers, rice, granola bars, Mac & Cheese, and snacks

Dried Beans: Black, White, and Pinto Beans

Other Items: Paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, and toothbrushes

Snacks; small size bags of chips, cereal, fruit, health bars, and etc. are always needed.

Thanks for the continued support!

NOTE: If you cannot bring items to the Bread House, you can always donate gift cards from local grocery stores or cash donations to SUMC. MEMO: Bread House or Covid-19 Relief Fund.

As a reminder pickup and drop off is every Mon – Wed – Fri,  9-12 pm.

Any questions contact Janet, Donna, Terry, Sandra, Bill, or Pete at 703.395.2437 or email fpeters1@cox.net.
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