One Week of Happenings Around Shalimar UMC

One of the most asked questions I receive is “what is happening with the church?” In this Beacon update, I will briefly list some of the happenings I am aware of around Shalimar UMC in just one week. You may be surprised this happened in only one week!
  • Sunday worship 8:30, 10:15, 11:07, and 11:15am rebroadcast
  • Sunday School by ZOOM
  • Lead Team meeting on Sunday and again on Thursday
  • New studies and small groups on Mondays: Sermon on the Mount (Under the Stars on    Monday)
  • Young adult small groups kicked off
  • Bread House (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
  • Tarp and Water give away at Fairgrounds (Monday and Tuesday)
  • Blessings for Children every Wednesday
  • Cross Corner renovations
  • Library is open
  • Pre-School
  • After School Camp
  • Lay Leadership Committee meetings
  • SPR meeting
  • New studies and small groups on Tuesdays
  • Full Staff meeting
  • Worship Planning meeting
  • Comeback Sermon Planning meeting
  • Finance meeting
  • Covid-19 Task Force meeting
  • Stewardship Coach meeting
  • Pastors Class
  • Annual Conference Lay Delegates: Pre-meeting
  • Splash of Joy studies
  • Stephen Ministry meeting and renewing
  • Small group studies: new and existing
  • Saturday, Annual Conference Clergy Session by Zoom
  • Saturday, Annual Conference for this year by Zoom
  • Emmaus Reunion Groups
  • Chancel Choir rehearsal
  • Connect rehearsal
  • Special groups rehearsals
  • Youth rehearsals
  • Youth programs
  • Children’s church and programs
  • Children’s Wednesday Kidz Club and choir
  • Nursery
  • Office open and staff present all week

These are some of the things I am aware of happening throughout our church this past week. There is more that I missed, and I do not know everyone that meets in one week in our church. As you can see, we are coming back in-person as a church! Even more important is the beautiful spirit in our congregation right now! We are moving forward, renewing, offering new initiatives, and I believe that our church will finish very strong in this most bizarre year! Thanks for all you are doing in being the church at its’ best right now! Shalimar UMC has loyalty and resolve! And best of all, we serve an AWESOME GOD who is reshaping us even as I write this to be a stronger church for HIM!

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Philip McVay

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