Bread House Week 23

Last week the Bread House had a first.

It  was  the  first  time  it was  closed  since  it’s  opening  during  Covid-19! The picture below shows exactly why. You couldn’t get to it! Hurricane Sally caused the number of bags (both in and out) to be down from the previous weeks. When the Bread House reopened on  Friday, we had a lot of visitors.

As I  talked  with  someone  about  our  newest  Mission  initiative,  I discovered that many in the congregation had not experienced the joy of feeding the least of these. I gain so much happiness seeing the smiles on people faces as we help alleviate stress with a simple bag of food. So please let members of the congregation know the value this Outreach program is doing for our community.

If you haven’t stopped by the Bread House, please take the time to visit us! If you want to help,
please call or show up and learn how to help! As always, thank you for all you do to help “the
least of these”!


Week 23 Numbers 
Bags Collected - 119
Bags Given Out - 187
Gift cards Given Out - 0
Members Served -150

Total Numbers
Bags Collected - 6413
Bags Given Out - 5766 (21.6 tons)
Gift cards Given Out - 165 (over $7075)
Members Served - 3079

*Items you can help us with this week! Donate some of the following items:
  • Canned vegetables: Corn, green beans, mixed vegetables, baked beans, beanie weenies, pinto beans, and black beans
  • Canned Meat: Chicken
  • Canned Soup: Chicken noodle, tomato, and mushroom soup
  • Pantry: Jelly, fruit cups, raisins (small boxes), peanut butter crackers, rice, granola bars, and snacks
  • Other Items: Paper towels, toothpaste, and toothbrushes
  • Snacks; small size bags of chips, cereal, fruit, health bars, and etc. are always needed.

NOTE: If you cannot bring items to the Bread House, you can always donate gift cards from local grocery stores or cash donations to SUMC.

MEMO: Bread House or Covid-19 Relief Fund. Thanks for all you do!

As a reminder pickup and drop off is every Mon – Wed – Fri, 9-12 pm.

Any questions contact Janet, Donna, Terry, Sandra, Bill, or Pete at 703.395.2437 or email
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