A Checklist for After the Hurricane

As I write this article, I am still a bit "foggy-headed" from virtually no sleep last night. We knew Sally was coming; however, she intensified in the middle of the night, dropped even more rain, and lingered throughout Wednesday. Many of the hurricanes projected toward us do not live up to the advance hype. Sally proved to be more than expected. Our prayers go out to all victims in the path of Hurricane Sally throughout the Southeast.  Locally, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those whose homes received damage from the severe flooding caused by the unprecedented rainfall.

Karen and I are without power, just like many of you. The sounds of generators can be heard in our neighborhood's background as I try to write this article. I need to write quickly before my computer battery loses power. But what really needs to be said? You know hurricane's teach us valuable lessons. What are these lessons? I would call these lessons "A Checklist for After the Hurricane."

A Checklist for After the Hurricane

  1. Give God thanks for making it through another storm. (we have had plenty in 2020) God is good so live every day as a gift!
  2. Keep any property loss in perspective. You can rebuild over time. Do not fret about stuff.
  3.  When you go to the store, and things are chaotic, be extra kind to people. (After a Hurricane we need civility, not hostility.)
  4. Use the time of yard clean-up to get to know your neighbors better. Allow some time for conversations
  5.  Listen to what people are asking for and try to help. Be extra kind to strangers and treat others as you want to be treated.
  6. Check on people when they come to mind. Call, text, or email them.
  7. Offer thanks to police officers, firefighters, paramedics, medical personnel, our military, and all who serve. They are under extra pressure following a hurricane. If possible, offer them signs of hospitality and appreciation.
  8. Be extra kind and loving to your own family. Being without power can get on everyone's last nerve. Do not take your family for granted and use the time to create some good memories.
  9. Use the "time away out of routine" to your advantage. Focus on what is important in life, like relationships and love.
  10. Be nimble with simple and spontaneous acts of kindness. Do them now! Why wait? Do not overthink being kind to others!

Storms can bring out the worst or best in people! As we go through yet another storm in 2020, I pray Sally will bring out our best! Let us be our best for strangers, neighbors, and family following the aftermath of a category 2 hurricane!
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