Facts, Fiction, and Fun!

In this Beacon article, I am introducing a new style to my writing. This article will be strictly bullet points. They will go fast…make that a flash. I am going to have some fun and hope you do well reading my thoughts organized under facts, fiction, and fun!


  • Shalimar Staff is performing at a high level despite COVID 19. We are closer than ever, even with some economic realities, and reduction in staff! I could not be prouder of all of them!
  • Shalimar congregation continues to rise to the occasion in spite of COVID 19 and being out of rhythm for now over 6-months. I have never been prouder of all of you and am even more honored than ever to serve as your Lead Pastor.
  • I have never felt so much joy to bring a sermon than this Sunday. This includes 45 years of preaching! Please read Matthew chapters 5-7 to prepare so that you can come Sunday or tune in on livestream excited!
  • The giving and serving of our congregation continues to amaze me in the craziest year in our church's history!


  • Our church is in a financial crisis. Absolutely not. Do we have challenges? Yes. Have we cut back? Yes. Will we cut back some more? Possibly. Does God continue to provide the resources of all needed? ABSOLUTELY! Thank you for giving to the Lord in this Crazy Year!
  • Cross Corner has issues and will not be used! After decades of praying for this facility, we are using the building right now for the glory of God.
  • Someone heard this week, I was going to retire after this year. This is fiction. Let me tell you, I have never been more excited to be a pastor than now! I have never been happier at Shalimar than now. We are on our way to a big turn-a-round!
  • We do not have a good discipleship plan. A plan is unfolding now to have 1,000 persons a week in discipleship by the end of 2022.


  • We have a divided congregation! Yes, we have Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Florida, FSU, Miami, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio State, and Central Florida fans.
  • There is a lot more laughter on our campus. Yes, I think dramatically so this year.
  • Friendship Club and other fun fellowship groups will resume when other food events begin.
  • Many new opportunities and activities will resume soon. We had a great Fun and Fellowship event last Sunday! Our new Associate Pastor, Matt, has the gift of humor!
  • I now have a beard. How long will I keep it? I do not know! Some say it makes me look older and some younger. We shall see.
  • How many degrees (College, Masters, Doctorate) do we have on our pastoral staff? 5? 10? 12? What is your answer? (the answer is below)
We have 12 degrees.
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