Harsh Realities and More Opportunities

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2020 is unlike any year in our lifetime! This year I believe it will be a watershed for the future. Those who cling to the past will be disappointed. Our "new normal" will not be about going back to the exact way it has always been before. We are in an unprecedented time of HARSH REALITIES and EMERGING OPPORTUNITIES. Best of all we have a chance to EMERGE out of this as FULLY THE CHURCH GOD ENVISIONS!

In response to some of the HARSH REALITIES of COVID-19 and projected budget shortfalls, we are immediately reducing budget requirements for the rest of the year. We have begun the painful process of laying off staff persons to prevent the church from depleting cash reserves. Taking this action now will help us avoid a crisis in the future and remain strong in ministry. There is nothing more painful than sitting down with beloved staff members and having these necessary conversations. Please pray for our staff and families and especially those whose positions were eliminated. Eliminated positions include Kim Margold, Program Director, who has been loyal to Shalimar UMC for 14 years, and Donna Whitney, Administrative Assistant, who has served on staff for two years. I would encourage you to offer gift cards and signs of appreciation to Kim and Donna. Again, we regret having to take this action, but it is necessary to reduce costs for the rest of the year and the budget for 2021.

Your faithful giving to God in these times is much appreciated. One of our membership vows is that we will do all in our power to strengthen the ministries of the church. Our giving to God through the operations budget strengthens all the ministries of the church! If you are able, we invite you to step up in giving to the Lord in this COVID-19 time. If you need the church's ministry, we hope you will call on us so that we can love and support you through this world pandemic.

This is also a time of EMERGING OPPORTUNITY! As a result of COVID-19, we are making a shift as a congregation. There have been issues that needed to be addressed for the health and growth of our church. Our focus and priorities have been shifting in response to this crazy year. Instead of seeking to be a church that is all things to all people, COVID-19 has offered us a gift. We must simplify our focus to move into the future.

This focus is making disciples, which is our mission. Shalimar UMC will strengthen ministries in the coming days to reach, teach, and send so that disciples can be made! We will plan and budget so that by the end of 2022, 1,000 persons will grow as disciples through Shalimar UMC!

This will include children, youth, young adults, and adults. There are immediate opportunities for study, prayer, and small groups for everyone to be a part of the mission.

I need your help. If you join with me, we can reach this goal of 1,000 persons in discipleship each week through Shalimar UMC.

FINALLY, the COVID 19 time will allow us to emerge as the real church and be stronger than ever. I do not know about you, but I am devoted to recommitting myself to becoming the church God sees and envisions. No longer can we be the church driven by the human spirit, which brings behavior in the church that is not of God. We must rise up and be the church in such times and be driven by the Holy Spirit's power, loves all people, and is empowered to make disciples.

I have met with our staff in recent weeks, and we will get the job done! We need your help! We all need to step up and be the Church! Let us come out of these crazy times more focused on really being the Church! Yes, we face some HARSH REALITIES, but we serve an awesome God. We have more EMERGING OPPORTUNITIES, and we have a chance to be the REAL CHURCH like never before!
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