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We are moving as a congregation to 1,000 persons in discipleship groups every week! We are actively moving toward this goal this Fall. There are immediate discipleship opportunities upcoming just ahead! Let me share three opportunities with you.

A Sermon on the Mount study led at two times by Pastor Philip.

  • Sept 14 | 6pm | Courtyard or inside if needed & by Zoom |40 person max
  • Sept 15 | 10am | Location TBA & by Zoom | 40 persons max

A National 12x12 Group by ZOOM. 6 persons willing to grow in their discipleship and leadership.

  • Sept 24 | 7am

144 Groups - 12 Groups with 7 to 12 people in each group meeting for 12 weeks in various locations and by ZOOM. 

These groups are open to congregation with a 144 person limit.
  • Sept 28 | Signup and launch details available soon

Parables of Jesus led by Pastor Matt | 40 person max

  • Sept 8 | 6pm | Location TBD
Hope you will commit to at least one of these studies and discipleship opportunities!
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