Would You Like to Have A Stephen Minister?

Our congregation is blessed to have an abundance of trained Stephen Ministers. They would love to help you during your time of need. This help could come immediately through our church. In this week’s Beacon article, I want to share this opportunity with you to have your very own Stephen Minister.

What is a Stephen Minister? Stephen Ministers are members of our congregation who receive special training to provide one-on-one Christian care. They are for all people in our congregation and community who are experiencing grief, loneliness, divorce, hospitalization, disability, job loss, and/or many other life difficulties.
How might I identity and benefit from a Stephen Minister? Well, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I lonely?
  • Am I fearful?
  • Am I ill or not feeling well all the time?
  • Is my family in crisis?
  • Do I need to hear words of comfort or encouragement?
  • Is the joy of my life gone?
  • Am I depressed?
  • Am I grieving the loss of a loved one?
  • Do I dread the future?
  • Do I have trouble sleeping or want to sleep all the time?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, “A Stephen Minister might be just what you need for this time! We all go through life challenges but no one has to go through them alone. Stephen Ministers are people who love God and love others so when we are asked, we consider it a privilege to walk with someone through their pain as God does what only God can do” (Cathie Buckman, one of our Stephen Minister Leaders).

Another one of our Stephen Minister leaders, Sara Michaelson, adds that Stephen Ministers are especially available especially during these COVID-19 times. You may ask yourselves, “How can I talk to someone when we can't meet in person?”

There are various ways our Steven Minister can interact with their assigned Care Receivers. Some meet outside where they can be socially distanced and enjoy the fresh air together. Some meet in air conditioned spaces with their masks on. Some meet by telephone and plan to have face-to-face meetings later when the pandemic has passed.

Sara goes on to say “Stephen Ministers are not counselors, but have been trained to listen well and encourage with Christ foremost in the ministry.” If you have a need, talk to a pastor about having a Stephen Minister contact you. You can call Sara Michaelson (850) 865-3343 or the church office (850-651-0721) to learn more about how this can work for you!

Stephen Ministers help in so many ways. They often stand in the gaps when pastors are already sprinting from one pastoral duty to the next. Stephen ministers are also able meet more consistently with care receivers than a pastors time will allow.

Again, our church is blessed and deeper resourced to have trained Stephen Ministers to help fill the gaps, walk along- side, one-on-one, during the sorrowful seasons of life. We have loving lay persons trained and ready to help you.

As stated on the Stephen Ministry website “In short, Stephen Ministry helps carry out the mission of the church.”

Let us help carry out this mission by helping you. Give us a call for a Stephen Minister. We are glad to offer this help to you in your time of need.
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