I Hear An Outstanding

Some of you knew my father, Pate Johnson, but most of you don't. Let me tell you; expectations were high in the Johnson household. If you could ever get an "outstanding" from him in his booming voice, you knew something extraordinary had taken place. I can hear that distinctive "outstanding" all the way from heaven for what took place this August 9. Every volunteer did just what needed to be done and in the most welcoming, warm style. It was indeed the right team working together to God's glory what they were called to do! I want to give a public "Thank You" to every person who played a part. I would not change anything about how and what we did, and I have the pictures to remind me who needs to be doing what next year!!! Special thanks go to Pete, Terry, and Pete's grandson Frank for making my dream of the drive-by taking place in front of the Family Life Center come true. You all made it happen, and it was great!

To recap, we gave out a total of 216 backpacks and approximately 225 school supply kits. 33 of those backpacks and the same number of school supply kits were given out to our Shalimar UMC children and youth before the event. The only thing we had leftover were 7 boxes of colored pencils. We were out of backpacks and kits by 3:45 and probably had 4 additional families come by after we mostly were closed down.

I was most surprised by the number of our families that wanted to have personal prayer time today. I knew there would be a need, but the response was remarkable. It was such a bright light in this uncertain time to see people seeking Him! I am so grateful we could offer that to our community. I think all of us want always to be able to offer "more than" when we have something for the community at our church, and offering prayer, in addition to the backpacks and supply kits, was that "more than" that our families would not get elsewhere. And you could see and feel how appreciative they were to be blessed with those prayers and receive the backpacks and kits.

God bless and keep you. I thank you for all you did to make this a job well done!! And to get Pate's "outstanding"!!!

Mary Jane Robertson
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