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After five months of COVID-19, we went down to Beasley Park to publicly witness our faith in the Gulf of Mexico's waters. If this had been a "normal" summer, we would have held beach baptism opportunities every summer month, starting in May.

This longstanding activity defined my first Summer at Shalimar. As the Associate then Connection and now Communication Pastor, I was tasked with overseeing the Beach Baptisms and membership. My predecessor, Jonathan, handed me his notes and a lineup of people to be baptized in my first month.

This year makes my fourth summer at Shalimar. I can honestly say coordinating these baptisms is my favorite part. I love speaking to each person about why they are being baptized or reaffirming their faith. On August 8th, God moved. I want to share a piece of the stories of those baptized with you.

Pat & Greg Givens

Pat and Greg Givens have been faithful Christians for most of their life. Pat reaffirmed her baptism, and Greg was baptized. When I spoke to them, they told me they had waited because they wanted their baptism to be a public confession and a witness to non-Christians of God was doing in their life. They wanted it to be outside the church.

Mikah & Reece Bandy

Mikah Bandy felt God calling her to be baptized at the beginning of the year. After she spoke to Ms. Jenn (her Children's Minister), she and I talked. She was so excited to commit, but she wanted it done at the beach. Her day finally came.

After her baptism (she was third), her older brother Reece walked into the water and said, "Me!" I was so blown away.  I look at their mom, who said, "Go ahead. He's never been baptized." I turned back to Reece, and he had his hand on his nose, ready to go. I was sure that if we didn't baptize him, Reese was going to baptize himself.
If you've ever thought about being baptized, I pray you'll be like one of these four. Don't let life get in the way. Let today be the day.
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