A Funeral Every Church Should Have Soon

These are very unusual times. As we seek to adjust to the very unstable new normal, it seems like the target keeps moving. What do you even aim for anyway? I suggest we focus on what is productive and steer clear of everything unproductive.

These are exciting times for the church! There are things we know and a whole bunch we do not know. In these Covid-19 times, there are ten unproductive things I would like to lay to rest forever! Let’s have a funeral for these 10 largely unproductive phrases in the church.

Have you heard these phrases before? Have you maybe even said them?
  • We have never done that before.This is the way we have always done it.
  • We tried that before and it did not work.
  • We do not have the money!
  • Someone said (fill in the blank). Who is “someone”?
  • We just cannot do that.
  • People would give more to the church if they knew what they were giving for! Don’t we know we give to and for the Lord?
  • I do not like change.
  • The Church is like any other business. No, it is not!
  • We are just too busy.
Many thanks to the staff and others for submitting these ideas. In a future week, I will focus on a more positive list: Ten things I want to hear more in the Church!
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Philip McVay

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